November 29, 2006

Welcome to the pre-show.

The curtains will raise shortly.

Greetings if you are reading this. I am finally getting to create the inaugural post to my "professional" blog. Well bloody heck mate it took you long enough. Indeed. Once I get going, and establish some kind of rhythm, I hope to keep this a much more regular thing.

So, what's it all about, this blog thing. Well, the bandwagon hove into town, and lo I had to jump on it. I have always liked writing. When I was a wee nipper, but the height of a grasshoppers knee, I wrote short stories created from the vivid imagination only a spry young lad could posess. My favourite character was a chap I called the Chubby Ghost. He got up to all kinds of antics, none of which I can recall. This was over 35 years ago, what can I say. My point is, even then, and throughout my life, I have enjoyed the art of storytelling, creative writing and semi-journalistic written communication.

And now, with the aid of modern technology, I can join the throngs of blog-crazed scribes, and practice my affection for the written word once again. I'm late to the party I know. Should have done this months, years ago. But best intentions have a tendency to take a back seat when you are raising an infant, and now a toddler. Spare time just never seemed to be in any kind of supply, short or otherwise. But now it is finally time. Get off thine lazy arse and just do it. As Rollins said/yelled; don't think about it, do it...

Thus, this tiny crack on the dark side of the internet shall be mine. Here I hope to pick up somewhat from the newsletter I used to publish (albeit briefly). Any new projects, experiments or schoolwork I create will be previewed here. Any good tutorials I find on the great web I'll link to here. Hot current media creators, musicians, artists I come across shall be linked to from here. Movie, book, magazine and music reviews. And of course, any crappy time-waste YouTube videos worth spreading, I'll dump on here too.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether I acheive any of that. If I'm slacking or fading, leave comments or drop an email chiding me and slap me back onto the rails. No better motivation than knowing you have an audience. That being said, welcome to the Man In Fluxx, a source of inspiration for media artists. Potentially. Right.

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