September 26, 2008

I'll be at PodcampAZ 2008

On November 1-2, 2008 I'll be up in sun city, Phoenix, Arizona, for this years podcamp. It will be my first podcamp, I'm finally getting to attend one of these events. I usually don't find out about these until I hear the buzz during, or more typically, after the event. This was what happened in 2007. So right there and then, back in November of 2007 I made sure I bookmarked the site, signed up for updates and registered as soon as registration opened.

Considering I will have to miss motion08, the exceptional motion graphics conference in Alberqurque, NM due to financial considerations, I am pretty excited to attend this event. It may be the only other conference I get to this year, after SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles this summer. DVExpo is coming up in December and I have been at that conference for the past 8-9 years. Last year was not so great so I think I will be giving it a miss this time around.

Which leaves PodcampAZ as one of the highlight's of the autumn for me (along with my wife and son's birthdays and NHL hockey resuming). I'm hoping to meet up with some of the great people I know from the internet, getting to meet them face to face will be interesting and probably a bit weird. I hope to learn a few new tricks and verify some assumptions about new media production. I hope to even be able to share some of my expertise and knowledge too. Isn't that the point of the unconference. Ultimately though, I hope to meet new people, make some new relationships, initiate/instigate some new collaborative projects.

If you are going and want to get a drink and say hi, look me up on twitter

New Website Design : Feedback Requested

It's been a long time since Influxx Media got a fresh lick of digital paint. This has been a long time coming. So finally, between bouts of real paying jobs, we are updating the website and the content.

I'm treating this like a real job, disregarding budget of course, because there is no budget. But I am treating myself like I am my client, asking myself all the usual questions designers delve into with their clients.

I created two alternative look and feels based upon the same content requirements, rather than just design something I might like. But the problem here is that I still cant give myself subjective feedback. So I am turning to my friends in the community to offer honest critique and feedback.

What do you like, dislike? What works? Is it easy to find your way around the page? Is it balanced correctly? Which aesthtics do you like?

I'd really like participation here, so any quick thoughts (I don't need an essay) would be sincerely appreciated.

Many thanks for playing

Influxx Website Redesign : Home Version 1

Influxx Website Redesign : Home Version 1


This design speaks to the more artistic side of my nature, with elements of organic painterly feeling. I tried to acheive a rich, warm layered environment that was very textured and inviting. The nav is large and prominent, but the centerpiece is the large media bucket front and center that will pull a random FLV video from the project vault.

Influxx Website Redesign : Home Version 2

Influxx Website Redesign : Home Version 2


This design is in a more typical and modern style, with a tech, blog minimalist feeling. Keeping colors neutral overall lets the reds and yellow from my brand style jump out. The nav is large and simple, and the focal point is the large media bucket that will play a random project FLV video.

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