December 05, 2008


Beef from Influxx Media on Vimeo.

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A Short Experimantal Film about a Fictitious Russian Mobster

A man recalls his encounter, and subsequent business dealings with a man of few words but many decisive actions. Looking back he ponders the events that led to his inevitable and eventual demise.

Shot on Panasonic DVC80

Edited in Premier CS3

Designed and colored in AfterEffects

Music recorded, arranged and mixed in Soundtrack

December 03, 2008

Now On DeviantART

As you can imagine, as a commercial artist, my work is somewhat limited to fit within my clients vision. It has to fit within 'brand guidelines' and 'corporate style guides'. Quite often there is little that could be considered 'artistic' about commercial art. As an artist, this is the internal conflict I struggle with.

Anyway, I have my business website for showing my corporate portfolio. And I have this blog for ramblings and research and other related artworks. But what I have not had was a place to host the initial roughs, the raw sketches from which the finished projects are hewn. Or not. Some sketches never lead to anything. And that's the beautiful thing about keeping a sketchbook. It's an outlet for me, creatively. And great for building a library of ideas and techniques.

Thus I found myself needing an online sketchpad, a place to host my rough pencil sketches and experiments. Hopefully it will encourage me to sketch often and scan, upload and post them here.